Boulder Parental Responsibility Lawyer

In Colorado, the term and concept of “child custody” have been replaced with the term “parental responsibilities.” This consists of the time a parent spends with any minor children and the role that he or she has in decision-making responsibilities.

The court considers a number of different factors when designating parental responsibilities. Of course, both parties may enter into an agreement regarding parental responsibilities, which the court will review and determine whether the agreement is in the child’s best interest.

Colorado courts generally try to give both parents an active role in their children’s lives by establishing frequent contact. While courts favor joint decision making and frequent visits with each parent, the court evaluates the facts of each case to determine what allocation of decision-making responsibility and parenting time are in the child’s best interest.

I am Tucker M. Katz, an experienced Boulder parental responsibility attorney who assists individuals with this important issue. In the spirit of mitigating the impact parental responsibilities disputes have on any minor children, I will work diligently with you and your child’s other parent to reach an agreement without the need for litigation. If a fair resolution cannot be reached, however, I will advocate for your rights in family court.

Paternity proceedings establish the biological parents of a child as well as parental responsibilities and child support between unmarried parents. I work with individuals to protect their parental rights whether or not they are married.

Modifications And Enforcement

The parental rights and responsibilities stipulated in a divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities decree can be modified. Once again, the child’s best interests are the most important factor that the court will consider in making a change to an existing agreement. Often, modifications are made when one parent needs to relocate a significant distance, or if a change in circumstances creates a situation in which one parent is unable to fulfill his or her duties.

I also assist clients who are having difficulty getting the other parent to adhere to an existing order, or who are nervous the other parent is exposing the child to a dangerous environment involving illegal drugs, alcohol or abuse.

If you face parental responsibility decisions in Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield or anywhere along the Front Range, the important first step is to have an experienced family law lawyer review the facts of your case. I will provide a straightforward assessment and recommend the best steps to take. Call 303-872-8041 or use my contact form to schedule a consultation.