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Representing Colorado Parents In Relocation And Removal Proceedings

In Colorado, parental relocation refers to moving a child’s residence so that the geographic ties between the child and the other parent are substantially changed. Parental relocation is one of the most difficult issues that can arise in a dissolution of marriage, allocation of parental responsibilities or paternity proceedings.

My name is Tucker M. Katz, Attorney at Dietze & Davis, P.C. I have represented hundreds of Boulder-area parents in complex removal disputes. You can rely on me for compassion, experience and knowledge during what is often a very challenging time.

Relocating With A Child: What To Know

When a parent seeks permission to move out of state, or to a different geographical area, the ability of the other parent to enforce their parental rights and exercise frequent visitation with the child can be severely impacted. Out-of-state job offers, new relationships/marriage, family support, and domestic violence are common reasons and justifications given by a parent seeking permission to relocate with a minor child. Any parent intending to relocate with a minor child is required to provide written notice to the other parent as soon as practicable of his or her intent to relocate. This notice must also include: the location where the party intends to reside, the reason for the relocation, and a proposed revised parenting plan.

Offering Prompt And Comprehensive Analysis

Courts will scrutinize the reason or justification for relocation, and consider as many as twenty other factors, in determining whether a parent will be permitted to relocate with a minor child. Thus, receiving a prompt and comprehensive legal analysis of any proposed relocation is paramount. As a lawyer who regularly handles high-stakes family legal issues, I understand the utmost importance of speed as well as cost-efficiency. You can rely on me to evaluate your circumstances in detail and guide you toward the results you need.

Discuss Relocation Or Removal With A Lawyer You Can Trust

I am the reliable choice when you need an experienced family law attorney to protect your rights. If you are considering relocating with a minor child, or if you have received notice of another’s intent to relocate with your minor child, call me at 303-872-8041 or use my online contact form today to set up your free consultation.